Wait - HOW much did you save?

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Today David ran into Farm Fresh for me today while I was in Walmart. I don't shop in Walmart very much, only the weeks when there aren't many good deals in the grocery stores; then I go to Walmart to use my weekly grocery allowance on some of the staples I may be running low on. Anyway, here is his receipt:

101% ?!?! Who saves 101% at the grocery store?!?

On to what he got:

(No, I don't remember where I got the coupons from. Either the RedPlum or the Smart Source.)

This is also our first week using the Nielson HomeScan with the National Consumer Panelists. We applied for the panel and finally a scanner came available for us and it came in the mail. Basically we scan everything we buy, transmit it to them once a week, and then we can accrue points to buy things from their gift catalog. Right now it seems like a bit of work (since we also have to enter if we used coupons or anything) for not very many points, but I'll let you know how it goes as I get faster at it.


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