Let's Be Honest

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Purex is launching a new campaign called Let's Be Honest.  The campaign features funny videos showing real life moments that will be posted through July at Purex.com.  And as part of this campaign, they will be sending me more free product coupons to give away on this blog!   So check out the videos, stay tuned and keep an eye out for the giveaway, coming soon.

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my manipulative sweetie

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These days, Mac LOVES it when I play ride a little pony with him on my leg.

The problem is, when I start, I'm not allowed to stop! As soon as my poor leg wants a break, his little poochy lip comes out and his eyes fill with real crocodile tears. This isn't his whiny/fussy attitude, this is his heart-is-breaking sobbing.

And as soon as I start again, he smiles through his little red puffy eyes. It's terribly cute. But I can only physically fall for it so many times. :)

Sometimes, he doesn't get what he wants by crying. Sometimes, he gets it by being all smiley and chatty when it's time for me to put him down and do chores - I can't resist him then!

Just a little story from today:
I was awakened at 5:30 to the sound of him filling his diaper over the monitor. When he was done, he just lay in bed and chatted to himself in the dark. I woke myself up to go change him. I was just so glad that I heard it so all I had to change was his diaper. In another hour, I would have been changing his clothes, crib, giving him a bath, etc. Well then I didn't want to take him with me because it was too early for him to be up but he was wide awake. I just put him back in the crib with his water sounds and he stayed happily awake in his crib listening to the water and cooing while I went back to bed for another half hour or so. What a good boy!

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a good night's sleep

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Mac has been sleeping so well lately! I feed him and put him down around 9:30(ish) and he wakes up at 6:30 in the morning like clockwork. Mom & Dad are tickled pink and very proud of him. Most days when he wakes up and I go get him, he isn't even fussing, just hanging out in his crib waiting for me. We have tried to be pretty strict about once we put him down, we don't pick him back up. We might try to comfort him and give him his paci or things like that, but I think he's gotten used to the fact that he isn't going to get picked up once Mom & Dad put him down for the night. It's also helped to make sure he's pretty full when I put him down. A lady at church helped me to become more aware of that - since he's so thin, he doesn't have as much reserve as chunkier babies and it helps to keep him full.

When we were in Chicago, I put him down for a nap and he was crying and carrying on. When I went to check on him, this is what I found:

He had kicked his way out of his jammies!

Naptime has taken a little longer to establish but he's even started napping great lately too, taking a couple multi-hour naps every day and becoming more predictable in his napping. It's nice to know that I can expect to have a chunk of time every day to get my chores done. Still, I'm always happy when he wakes up and I get to spend time playing with him. :)
Sometimes he wakes up so happy and just wants to coo and chat with me. He loves to tell me all about what's on his mind and how it makes him feel. At least, I'm pretty sure that's what he's saying.

Lastly, Charlotte lent Mac her Bumbo chair and he seems to be getting more used to it. Now he can even watch Mom cook since he can sit on his own.

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