Year End Wrap-Up

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As promised, here are the numbers for this year's groceries.

I mentioned before that I allot myself $20 a week for groceries, so our yearly grocery budget is simply based off of $20 x 52 weeks, which is $1,040 for the year.

I came in at $981.49, with $58.51 remanding. What a good feeling to come in under budget, when I never thought I could feed us off of so little a week! God has definitely provided for us this year, and we are so grateful for all He has given us.

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Grocery deals 12/29

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We didn't get a picture of yesterday's grocery deals, since we were tired and hungry when we got home. Earlier in the week, we grabbed a half gallon of milk at the gas station on our way into town.

Here's a rundown from yesterday, I'm doing this from memory:

Farm Fresh

We got about 3+lbs of boneless skinless chicken - about $7
2 small steaks - about $4
a can of mushrooms - $1
Bumble Bee tuna - free
Softsoap hand soap - free
2 bags of Krunchers chips - $2
2 boxes of Celestial Seasonings tea - $1.80
State Fair corn dogs - $1.20
2 naval oranges - $2

Our total came to $19.91 - just under budget. Before coupons, the total was about $31.


David and I each got a bottle of Tone body wash, sale price $3.88 and you get back $3 ECBs. We had two $1/1 coupons to make a small money maker.
David' s bottle was on clearance for $2.49!

I also got a 12-pack of Charmin for $3, which I paid for with my ECBs.

Total OOP (tax) was 88 cents. I have $7.79 left in ECBs now and David has $5.79.

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A Year Ends Review

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A few things to catch up on...

Neptune Festival

Regent University v. TCC

A bunch of Regent Law students got together to play the community college soccer team. We weren't in the best of shape, but it is amazing how the older more experienced in life players no matter how untrained, out-of-shape, and pick-up-like the team is the older team gets the best of the younger team.
I feel like this is the way it just is in life.

I was the keeper and it was a shutout.

Millennium Falcon


And Now...

It's Christmas Time...

Yes you did see him in the Woods

Triple "R" Ranch
They have a nice Christmas in the Country
With a live nativity and other festive things.
We went for the first time this year and would
Like to go back next year.

Merry Christmas!
Remember we can enjoy eternal life because
God loves us and gave Himself for us.

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Merry Christmas!

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We're leaving tomorrow for Chicago for a week, so we'll have at least two weeks (this week and next) off of grocery shopping. That money and then some will be going to meals on the road. When I get back, I'm looking forward to seeing how I did with my grocery budget for the year :) Have a great Christmas, everyone!

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Grocery Deals 12/8

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I know everybody must think that David and I eat an awful lot of boxed brownie and muffin mix, based on these pictures. The truth of the matter is that we have a very full shelf stuffed with boxes of brownie and muffin mix! I need to get around to donating them. In the meantime, they are good filler items in transactions I want to do at the store because they are free.

We spent $10.08 on the items above. We saved 68% on the total after coupons. We went to Walmart yesterday and picked up several groceries I needed for specific dishes for various Christmas events and the homemade pizza I made last night, and spent about $12, putting me $2 over budget this week. That rounds out the groceries for the week.

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Free Candles at Target

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Airwick candles are on sale (or rollback or something) at Target for $2.99. I have some $3/1 Airwick candle coupons from a SmartSource, which made them free! I got the last two candles that the Military Highway Target had. Yay for free candles!

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Grocery Deals 12/1

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There were some good deals at Farm Fresh yesterday, such as this cocoa, on sale for $1 each. I had three $1/3 coupons so I paid 3 for a dollar after doubled coupon. I had coupons for the free chips and free crackers. The pecans were my only real splurge, I had room in my budget and they were on sale for $4.29. Besides this picture, I got food for dinner that night,but they were already in use by the time the picture was taken :) So I spent about $9 for all the groceries pictured. You can find matchups at The Coupon Challenge HERE.

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