Grocery deals 4/27

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Last night we went to Farm Fresh for a few items that were on sale (no coupons) and to Harris Teeter for Super Doubles.

Here's the Harris Teeter trip:

We picked up 4 coffee creamers for church for less than $1 total and that whole 5lb bag of grapefruit marked down to $1! I figured even if we only at 2 of them, we still saved money! Total before coupons was about $19, and we spent $5.65.

Things have been pretty busy around here between hosting Easter dinner, finishing up David's law school, and packing to move besides I'm still working full time. It's all good though!

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Grocery Deals 4/6

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I've still been making several little trips these past weeks. Over the weekend, I went to Harris Teeter twice for free croutons and brownie mix, to FF for inexpensive chicken, and to Rite Aid and CVS for the usual freebies. I know I won't be able to keep this up forever. I'm about ready to eat from my pantry from now until we move next month... except for Easter dinner!

Here's my Farm Fresh trip today.

Before coupons, the total was $24.70. I spent $8.83 out of pocket and got back 3 $1 catalinas for next week, so in effect everything shown was $5.83 when everything is said and done.
I grabbed up artichoke hearts and canned beans because they were on sale - no coupon. No, I don't buy popcorn every week. Why do you ask? (It was free - and one of David's favorite evening snacks!) I used my free milk coupon from last week to splurge on 2% milk!!!!! I feel rich.

By the way - I joined a coupon train for the first time this week, and I"m first on the list. I hope everyone else is as excited about the coupons I sent on as I am.

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