Grocery 8/25

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Great trip tonight and it ended up being a big grocery week for me. We went to Farm Fresh after stopping at the hospital to see our friends' gorgeous little baby. We were tired, but Hilary raced me through the store so it didn't take very long.

Before coupons, the total was $50.50 and we paid $14.90, which is savings of 71%. Lots of free items this week - find the matchups at The Coupon Challenge HERE.

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A couple deals

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Here are a couple random deals that I thought was worth it to go out to the store for, so I thought I'd post them in case you had the right coupons too.

Airwick Compact iMotion FREE at Walgreens after Smart Source coupon

Free Skintimate shave gel at Target after 2 Smart Source coupons

Thanks, Money Saving Mom.

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End of Summer

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I do feel a little guilty that I've only been posting my weekly grocery trips on here. I know it's a lot more fun to do than to read about.

David started school Monday and Hilary is leaving tomorrow (*sniff*) so it really feels like the summer's over for us. Besides, it's all cool(ish) and gloomy out so it makes me feel like breaking out the pumpkin spice scents and making apple butter. No, seriously. :) But the moment I do, I'll miss summer's fresh fruit smoothies, light clothes, the beach, tan skin...

As far as what we've been doing lately, I've been working full time all summer so I'm afraid I've made it a bit boring for the other two because I come home tired in the evening and just want to relax... and just want to relax on most of the weekends, too. David's internship wrapped up earlier this month and then he set to work getting ready for his last year of law school and doing more perusing job opportunities. He also helped with the village food pantry a lot. We've enjoyed hanging out with the College & Career group from church over the summer, eating and playing games - lots of good times! Actually, church still remains the highlight of our week.

For me, it's been really nice to have my sister here. It's been good to be able to reconnect and just spend time together since the most time we've spent together in the past 6 years was the 9 months of my engagement, and then I was working the third shift and planning my wedding, and she was a full time student and working.
Furthermore, since she has been here, I've had a friend who is more like me. Most of my friends in VA weren't homeschooled, haven't had an upbringing like mine, and don't have as much in common with me. I have definitely enjoyed having a friend here who understands me and has my sense of humor (kind of) and I can have a conversation with while being on the same page. I have just appreciated that so much as it is something I was really missing.

I'm definitely grateful that God has been meeting all of our needs and taking care of us and I've really enjoyed all the blessings He has given us over the summer.

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Not a big grocery week for me this week - I grabbed some ground beef at Farm Fresh and a few things at Walmart and that was it for grocery.

I did head to Target though to see how I could do on their deals.

Amongst the items I got, I found these Glade Sense N Sprays originally priced at $8.98 marked down on clearance for $3.98.

A quick search through my coupons found two $3/1 coupons so I was able to get them for only 98 cents each! My target price for these is usually $1 and I love how the Apple Cinnamon scent feels like fall... I'll try to hold these for another month. :)

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Grocery deals 8/11

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Another fantastic week at the stores! I wasn't that excited about the deals at Harris Teeter's super doubles, but once we went to the store and they weren't out of anything we wanted to get, it turns out we were able to get some good deals.
We paid 43 cents for everything in the picture above and saved over $50. We did pay with the $10 catalina we got on the cereal last week, and we grabbed the chips in the checkout line to bring us up over $10. The catalina helped me to get the Glad wrap and oil that I needed and didn't have coupons for. I used the Nabisco coupon for 1 free package of cookies when you buy milk and another cookies available on their Facebook page once a month and the cookies were on sale for B1G1 so they were both free.

After Harris Teeter, we went to Farm Fresh and spent $3.60.

The hot dog buns were on sale for 99c each. They were out of the 25c Nature's Own bread I wanted to get so maybe I'll go back later this week. I was glad to find the Tornados since they aren't listed on their website, and it turns out they were on sale so after my $1/1 coupons they were free.

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Grocery deals 8/4

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What a great week at the grocery stores and a fun evening shopping in the middle of a busy week at work!

Please don't judge me based on the pictures below. I promise we eat produce, meat and other healthy stuff. This is just what was cheap this week :)

First, David went to Harris Teeter this morning.

Kellogg's products are 50% off this week, and when you buy 10 products a $10 catalina prints. He also got 2 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for 60 cents each after coupon. His total for the picture above was $10.08 and he received a $10 catalina for our next trip.

This evening, I went to Harris Teeter again to roll the catalina:

I had to add a pack of gum to this order to bring it up to $10.02. We paid with the $10 catalina and got another one for our next trip. Furthermore, these corn flakes are marked Free after Rebate, so it will be a money maker!

After work, we went to Farm Fresh for bread, free yogurt and cookies, and to do catalina deal that they had running.
Before coupons, the total was over $31. We paid $9.01 and a $4 catalina was supposed to print out but it didn't so they gave us $4 in cash, making our total about $5!! We got 2 juices, 2 Edwards Pie singles and some store brand cookie dough to do the catalina deal. Sweet!

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