Grocery deals 9/29

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I got my pumpkin yesterday at Walmart for about $4. :) Just think of all the yummy goodies I can make with it!!

This is today's Farm Fresh & Food Lion trips. Total $7.98, saved about $25. Kind of a random trip but I didn't need anything except the lunchmeat and bread. I wanted to do the cheese deal at Food Lion but they decided not to accept my internet coupons :P so I'll try another Food Lion tomorrow.

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Law for the Layman

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Wondering what a lawyer knows...
and the things lawyers have to know?

Well, there is a plethora of things that lawyers could know, do know, or should know. But all things considered, most lawyers only know the pertinent information in their field of law or expertise, and may remember some things they may be interested in or remember from ages ago in law school.

Wondering what the layman knows...
and the things laymen could know about law?

Many non-lawyers do not take the time to educate themselves on the law and do not have a need to beyond what the speed limit is, how to file their taxes, and any pertinent laws necessary for their line of work. Everything else, we leave to the lawyers to explain, argue about, and slide by us.

If you are interested...
there are ways the layman can be educated in the law.

The Citizens Law Academy and Citizen Law Enforcement Academy are just examples of how the general public can educate themselves through attending classes open to the public for the purpose of educating everyday people on the law.
Also, if you are really interested in learning the law, you can dive into cases in your state from the past ten year or Supreme Court cases. If you are wondering what the judges in your state are writing about in their opinions you can go read them. LexisONE® is a LexisNexis research tool for personal use. You may search free case law here.

Just another way to learn legal things...
but not recommended for accurate legal information.

Video found here.
BY: Professor Eric Faden of Bucknell University

[The information and content on this blog is not intended to and does not constitute legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is formed, nor is anything submitted to this blog treated as confidential.]

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Virginia Symphony

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Under the Stars

A nice mixture of the classics (The Beatles & Broadway)
Combined with the Classical (Rockmaninoff & Russian Dances)

Or if you enjoy the symphony on the sand...

Down at the beach
Enjoy the Classical and Classics.

It was nice to enjoy a free date night
Or a nice time to catch up with old and new friends

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Free Lipstick!!

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This week at CVS, certain Revlon products, including lipstick, are on sale for $6.99 and you get $5 ECBs back. There is a $2/1 lustrous lipstick coupon HERE which will make them free. However, when I went to my CVS, I found several of the lipsticks with $2/1 peelies on them! The best part of this is that there is a limit of 6 per CVS card! As you can see, I got 6 different shades to try. If I don't like one, I didn't waste anything by trying it out! Tax around here was about 35 cents each stick.

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Grocery deals 9/15

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Wow, what a good week! First, Farm Fresh:

We used the cheese catalina from a couple weeks ago and spent $1.12 on the products above! Not happy about the shopper who took all the peelie coupons off my flour though. Get the matchups at The Coupon Challenge HERE. I only got the cookie pouches because I didn't have room for 6 flours and the deal was only good if you got 6 participating products ;)

Then off to Harris Teeter for SUPER DOUBLES! I can't believe EVERYTHING was still in stock this evening. Yay :)

We spent $3.76 on the products above, originally $30.62. I know a coupon that *should* have doubled, didn't but it was still less than I was expecting :) I'm glad about the hairspray - I had just run out. And the Dole juice is thanks to a random $.50/1 coupon that David rescued that someone was going to throw out, so we got $1 juice. :) Despite the matchups, it's still good to go up and down every aisle if you have the time, you never know what you'll find on sale that you have a coupon for.
Find the matchups at the Coupon Challenge HERE.

How did you do this week?

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Weekly Deals 9/01

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This is a little late, but here is my picture of the cheese I bought with the deal in the previous post:

I spent $21.53 on the groceries above and have $10 in catalinas to use on my next trip to Farm Fresh. We did three transactions to get 14 bags of cheese (and one carton of sour cream, which I needed). I tried to roll the catalina with one transaction and it didn't automatically print out; they printed it for me, but I am not sure that I would say the catalina rolls.

I've been looking for a good price on graham crackers all summer for s'mores... these were on sale for $3 so I went ahead and got them since I didn't have a lot else on my shopping list this week.

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Free Cheese at Farm Fresh

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There's a great deal on Kraft cheese at Farm Fresh this week, and combined with the coupon below it makes for free cheese! When you buy 5 participating products, a $5 catalina will print out. Combine this with the $5/5 coupon:

Here's how it works:
Buy 5 Kraft chunk or shredded cheese at $2 each.
Use 1 $5 off 5 coupon above
Spend $5.25 out of pocket including tax
Get back a $5 coupon off your next order

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