Weekly Deals 9/01

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This is a little late, but here is my picture of the cheese I bought with the deal in the previous post:

I spent $21.53 on the groceries above and have $10 in catalinas to use on my next trip to Farm Fresh. We did three transactions to get 14 bags of cheese (and one carton of sour cream, which I needed). I tried to roll the catalina with one transaction and it didn't automatically print out; they printed it for me, but I am not sure that I would say the catalina rolls.

I've been looking for a good price on graham crackers all summer for s'mores... these were on sale for $3 so I went ahead and got them since I didn't have a lot else on my shopping list this week.


  1. Dana @ The Coupon Challenge Says:

    Thanks for linking up with Tuesday's Trips! My kids LOVe s'mores but the sales weren't that great this year. I'm jealous of all the cheese~

    Thank you for the e-card! I truly appreciate it! I'm working on returning to normal :)

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