Stargate Cake!!

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David's Stargate cake is finally finished!! The base is tomato soup spice cake and the stargate is yellow cake with blue jello in the middle. Below you can see a comparison with a picture of the Stargate.

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Harris Teeter - Clearance

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I went back to HT today to get the Purex deal and a few odds and ends. We ended up getting the last box of Cinnamon Burst Cheerios & hitting up the clearance bins. First of all, the Purex with Zout rang up at the e-vic special price of $3 (making it free after the RedPlum coupon) even though it doesn't come in the 72 oz size! We found 50c Thousand Island dressing in the clearance bin (David's been wanting Reuben sandwiches) and pure Peppermint extract for only 50c as well!!!

But best of all --- see that Black Food Coloring?!?! It was $1.87 in the clearance bin!! I am going to try to take back the bottle that I got for almost $4 at Farm Fresh this week.

In total, we spent $7.90 on the items above. I have no idea how much everything would have been before clearanced prices.

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Forever Love

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We thoroughly enjoyed our Valentine's Day weekend. We love weekends anyway, because we actually get to be together for the whole day!

This weekend we had the privilege to attend one of Family Life Today's Weekend to Remember, thanks to our loving parents. It is a marriage conference that lasted Friday night through Sunday morning.

We were challenged with ways to improve our relationship through communication and conflict resolution... but most of all, to treat our spouse like the gift from God that they are and to put the other before ourselves in all that we do!
We were given an opportunity to write a love letter to each other and discussion topics to go through.

On Saturday evening, the conference ended at 4:30 to give us the whole evening to spend just on a date night together. We enjoyed Korean barbecue, as you can see :)

On Sunday, as the conference came to a close, every couple at the conference was led to face their spouse, hold hands, and repeat after the speakers new wedding vows. It was fun to look at the man that I am so privileged to be married to and remember the day that we first made our lifelong covenant before God to love each other and follow God's plan for marriage.

I'm still so thankful that God gave me David! He is my best friend and challenges me and helps me grow.

All in all, we are so happy that we were given the opportunity to attend. It was neat to be at a conference only with married couples, focusing on our marriage together.

I will try to show my support for David more through my words, attitudes and actions :)

He is so good to me no matter what I do

I love laughing with him, talking with him, and spending day in and day out with him

Since we went out on Saturday, we didn't do much on Valentine's Day itself. When I walked in the door after work on Monday, he met me at the door wearing a pin that he made that said "Kiss Me, I'm Yours." See how sweet he is?
On Monday evening, we watched Fireproof, which is our tradition to do on Valentine's Day. David got me these beautiful flowers, too!

I love you with my whole heart, David! And I thank God every day that He gave you to me :)

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Grocery deals 2/16

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This week, as usual, I ran into Walmart and ended up spending more than I intended, because I always get more than I intended in the hopes of being able to avoid another trip into there anytime soon!

Harris Teeter had Super Doubles this week, and everything I wanted was in stock! We are almost out of salad dressing - I use Ranch and David uses Caesar so it was good to stock up.

I spent $9.15 on everything in the picture above. Before coupons, it was $31.67!

Then I went to Farm Fresh, and I spent $8.06 on the items below.

You are probably looking at this picture and thinking one of two things: 1. "My, what a symmetrical picture!" or 2. "$8.06 on just those few measly items in that picture? Heather Wood, I taught you better than that!" Well, my husband's birthday only comes once a year and his cake just wouldn't have the same effect if I didn't have black food coloring. Although, I do wonder if he would rather have the almost $4 rather than a realistic looking cake.

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Grocery deals 2/9

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This week was a smaller week for me grocery shopping. I picked up some spices, onions and garlic at Fresh World and a loaf of bread and milk, so that didn't leave me with much left of my budget for the week.

I stopped by Harris Teeter to get Jello for David's birthday cake: Spent 64 cents.

At Farm Fresh, my total was $5.97, which was only about 52% after coupons.

And that was my week :)

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Grocery Deals 2/2

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I forgot to take a picture of my Farm Fresh trip, which was $31.69 before coupons and $10.80 after.
Below is our Harris Teeter trip.

We spent $5.02 after coupons and saved $20.72.

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