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I went back to HT today to get the Purex deal and a few odds and ends. We ended up getting the last box of Cinnamon Burst Cheerios & hitting up the clearance bins. First of all, the Purex with Zout rang up at the e-vic special price of $3 (making it free after the RedPlum coupon) even though it doesn't come in the 72 oz size! We found 50c Thousand Island dressing in the clearance bin (David's been wanting Reuben sandwiches) and pure Peppermint extract for only 50c as well!!!

But best of all --- see that Black Food Coloring?!?! It was $1.87 in the clearance bin!! I am going to try to take back the bottle that I got for almost $4 at Farm Fresh this week.

In total, we spent $7.90 on the items above. I have no idea how much everything would have been before clearanced prices.


  1. Dana @ The Coupon Challenge Says:

    That's awesome that the purex rang up under e-vic! I paid $0.99 for mine on Thursday. How great that you found the food coloring on clearance! That's a big savings.

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