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We thoroughly enjoyed our Valentine's Day weekend. We love weekends anyway, because we actually get to be together for the whole day!

This weekend we had the privilege to attend one of Family Life Today's Weekend to Remember, thanks to our loving parents. It is a marriage conference that lasted Friday night through Sunday morning.

We were challenged with ways to improve our relationship through communication and conflict resolution... but most of all, to treat our spouse like the gift from God that they are and to put the other before ourselves in all that we do!
We were given an opportunity to write a love letter to each other and discussion topics to go through.

On Saturday evening, the conference ended at 4:30 to give us the whole evening to spend just on a date night together. We enjoyed Korean barbecue, as you can see :)

On Sunday, as the conference came to a close, every couple at the conference was led to face their spouse, hold hands, and repeat after the speakers new wedding vows. It was fun to look at the man that I am so privileged to be married to and remember the day that we first made our lifelong covenant before God to love each other and follow God's plan for marriage.

I'm still so thankful that God gave me David! He is my best friend and challenges me and helps me grow.

All in all, we are so happy that we were given the opportunity to attend. It was neat to be at a conference only with married couples, focusing on our marriage together.

I will try to show my support for David more through my words, attitudes and actions :)

He is so good to me no matter what I do

I love laughing with him, talking with him, and spending day in and day out with him

Since we went out on Saturday, we didn't do much on Valentine's Day itself. When I walked in the door after work on Monday, he met me at the door wearing a pin that he made that said "Kiss Me, I'm Yours." See how sweet he is?
On Monday evening, we watched Fireproof, which is our tradition to do on Valentine's Day. David got me these beautiful flowers, too!

I love you with my whole heart, David! And I thank God every day that He gave you to me :)


  1. Anonymous Says:

    I'm so glad that God gave you to David too! I'm glad you are a part of our family now. So glad that you and David went to the conference, learned things, renewed your vows, and got to eat Korean food. I'm so thankful that you both have dedicated yourselves to following God's will for your marriage. What more could parents want.

    Love you both,

  1. Danielle Says:

    Awww great post! Looks like a super fun date!

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