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Our lives went through a huge change this past month! Our son, Robert MacArthur Wood, decided that he actually did want to be born on Christmas day. We had a smooth, unmedicated birth and a great hospital experience; we actually got released the next day! My mom and then sister came after Mac was born and were a huge help to us. Mac's generous & doting Wood grandparents also visited us twice. Now he is almost a month old and we are still trying to find our new normal and get adjusted to it. Mac doesn't seem to be one for schedules, though. Some days he loves napping and some days he just won't go to sleep for anything!

Here are a few of the things going on with me as I start the crazy, messy world of mothering:

- This week is the first week that David's working full time, and I'm on my own with Mac. I've been working on some goals to accomplish each week in addition to taking care of Mac and getting dressed each day. ha! For one, I want to start blogging and journaling each week so I don't forget anything! And I feel sorry for our neglected blog - but what was I supposed to talk about when I was pregnant: "Hey it's me again, still uncomfortable & crabby!" (oh wait, that's what Rachel does!) Also I've divided up my main chores for the week so each day I want to get done at least my big chore for the day & hopefully the dishes too. Here's my list:
Monday: Laundry/change bedsheets
Tuesday: Cut & organize coupons, hopefully also meal plan. Maybe.
Wednesday: Grocery shop
Thursday: Clean bathrooms
Friday: Vacuum & sweep (I also usually do another load of laundry on Fridays)
Now David knew when he married me that I don't dust, and if he wanted a dusted house, that would be his chore. Something about moving all the little knick knacks that's sooo tedious! But I do have a little Swiffer duster that's kind of fun to dust with, so when I'm in the mood for that particular kind of fun, I might dust.
That's my starting-out list. I'm also looking forward to being able to do more things like go to the library and thrift stores more! But I'm finding that I'm doing hands on things like knitting less - I've discovered it's impossible to knit in the round while nursing.

- Reading! I'm loving that nursing has given me more time to read. My mom used to read aloud to us when she was nursing the little ones. I just started reading the Anne series again, which is one my mom read to us. I think she wasn't nursing when she read us those ones but it's still cool to me to carry on the tradition. I also get more time to spend reading the Bible, which I'm really excited about.

- These are some of the things I can do with Mac in the Moby: Empty the dishwasher, blow dry my hair, brush my teeth, put on makeup, vacuum, laundry, and now, blog. He usually falls asleep in the Moby eventually, though it took a little longer when I was putting away dishes and clanging around.

- Feeding has been very difficult since the beginning. Thankfully, Mac has been getting enough to eat but it has been incredibly challenging and painful for me. It has added a huge amount of stress in our lives in addition to being sleep deprived and getting used to a screaming infant. It's been very challenging to deal with that much pain and being very needy when I have a needy infant to take care of. Sometimes it's overwhelming to think about doing this day after day and making sure that all three of us are taken care of. However it's so encouraging to me whenever I think about God's mercies being new every morning. I just have to live today right now and when I get to tomorrow there will be new mercies so I don't have to feel overwhelmed about it.

- The church has an awesome nursing mothers room with comfy seats & streaming the service. I never knew about it before the Sunday after Mac was born and I went looking for a place to throw away a dirty diaper. It's so comfy, it's tempting to go there during the week to nurse. But they probably wouldn't have the heat on.

- I'm so thankful for the support of my friends! Several of my friends have been willing to come over and watch Mac so I can rest (since he is so unpredictable & I need extra rest because of the feeding issues). I didn't know how difficult it would be to not be near family, but I'm not afraid to let people know when I need help and they have all been so kind with their offers.

- I'm loving mothering and having Mac. He is so cuddly and it's amazing to have another little person living in the house and a new personality to add to the makeup of our family. It hasn't been a walk in the park, but he is definitely worth it and we love him so much.

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