Ten Reasons Why I Coupon

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I have been asked a lot lately, "Do you still coupon?"  Since Extreme Couponing took over the couponing world, many things have changed for couponers.  High value coupons seem more difficult to find, stores have tightened their coupon policies, and more couponers per capita means more cleared shelves and more difficulty finding the deal you want in stock.  Many blogs have posted articles about why they are couponing less these days, perhaps saving time by sticking to big box or bulk stores.  People are turned off by the amount of coupons that are for processed or junk foods.

Well, my answer to this question is "YES!"  I DO still coupon every week and save quite a bit of money, and here are some of my reasons why:

1.  Regardless of whether coupons are available for the foods you eat or not, YOU CAN ALWAYS SAVE MONEY COUPONING FOR TOILETRIES AND DIAPERS.
     I haven't paid for toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, or mouthwash for a couple of years.  I never pay more than a dollar for shampoo or conditioner, and I don't buy the cheapo brands. I often find feminine products in clearance carts at the grocery stores so with a coupon, I often get those for under a dollar.  If all you eat is organic vegetables, you can and should still save money on your toiletries.  This also includes diapers and other baby items.  Although I cloth diaper, I do still need wipes and I use disposables for overnights and babysitters, and I can't imagine buying these without a coupon.

     I save more money by clipping and sorting coupons for an hour a week than I would if I worked at a job for that hour and then just went to the store and got what I needed without coupons.  It probably takes me about a half hour to clip my coupons every week (longer once a month when I clean out my expired coupons) and since blogs do all the matchup work for you, you really don't need to spend time doing that yourself, although I do scan the ads quickly to see if there's anything I would have missed.

     There, I said it.  I know there are two kinds of people in the world, those that like Walmart and those that don't.  I just find my local grocery store is a much more pleasant experience than Walmart and I would rather get name brand food with coupons than Walmart brand food for maybe the same price without coupons.  Yes, it takes a little more thought than just going to Walmart with your list, but see #2.

     I throw out a lot of unused coupons, and I don't get a lot of processed foods.  For instance, we recently made the switch to bagged stove-top popcorn from microwave popcorn with a coupon.  I may or may not be spending more money but for some things, my health isn't worth the price of a coupon and I'm still able to coupon guilt-free for things I need.  I probably use coupons for half or less of the groceries I buy every week, but I still get good deals on those things I do have coupons for.

     I have three grocery stores within a half mile of my home and can easily hit up all three of them for the best deals of the week.  I don't have to run all over town and use a lot of gas and energy to shop.

     I have a very limited weekly budget and it's a reality.  I HAVE to feed us on that amount.  I may or may not be able to accomplish this by buying beans and rice from Walmart, but I much prefer to be able to eat a variety of foods and ones that we'll enjoy.  Here are some numbers for you:  I never pay for salad dressing or mustard and am often able to find other condiments for 50 cents.  I haven't had to pay more than 50 cents for a box of cereal, pasta, and often pasta sauce.  Other foods we enjoy, like pepperoni, sausage, juice, and cheese would often be outside our price range if I didn't have a coupon for them.

     I believe that for a gift to mean something it has to be a bit of a sacrifice.  We give anyway, but we are able to give more because I coupon.  I can purchase more coffee creamer for church, and we can give more toothpaste and feminine products to the homeless shelter with the same amount of money.  Our giving is multiplied this way

    This one is a little bit more of a stretch, but since I go to more stores more often to coupon, I find more meat markdowns.  Every time I run into the store for something I always run by the meat department looking for markdown stickers and am more likely to find them.

     We went to Target the other day and I got a couple of Glade fall scented products.  I have this weakness for scented products and I have a weakness for Glade packaging.  So anyway, I bought all my things and after a rebate I sent in when I got home, I spent about a dollar at Target, including my new scents.  I can get things I enjoy and make our home a more pleasant (and less dirty-diaper-smelling) place and not break the bank or feel guilty.  We also get to try a lot of new products on the market since high-value coupons often accompany the release of a new item.  And yes, I do get ice cream in the summer or other treats that otherwise we wouldn't be able to afford, and this definitely comes in handy when I'm hosting a party.

    ok, just joking about that one.

So if you've kind of given up on couponing, I'd recommend giving it another try, even if you just save a dollar here or a dollar there, that's money that you can then give or spend on something you REALLY want, because I know that you didn't really wish you could spend that extra dollar on toilet paper.

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Purex plus Oxi detergent giveaway!!

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I have a new Purex with Oxi laundry detergent giveaway! Purex Insiders sent me a bottle of Purex with Oxi to try and review.  Purex with Oxi has more stain-fighting power than regular Purex, so the first thing I did was try it out on my cloth diapers.  Sure enough, they came out clean and stain-free.  Next I did a load of regular clothes laundry.  This load included some greasy rags my husband used to wash the car, and I was pleased at how well Purex with Oxi cleaned them.  Purex with Oxi can also be used as a pre-treater to treat stains before you wash them.

Purex sent me three coupons for a FREE bottle of the new Purex with Oxi Detergent to give away.

Here's the scoop:
The winners will be selected using Random.org. I'll contact the winners by email, Facebook, or phone (however I can reach you) after the giveaway is closed, and you'll have 48 hours to respond or I'll choose a new winner. The giveaway will close Friday, November 2, 2012 at 6pm EST.

How to enter: (2 possible entries per person) 

-Go to the Purex with Oxi site from this link and enter the Purex sweepstakes to win $1000.  Come back and leave a comment on this post letting me know that you entered and include your email address if I don't already have it, and you will be entered in my giveaway.

-Post about this giveaway on your Facebook.  Leave a separate comment letting me know that you did and include the link to your Facebook (if I'm not already friends with you)

*I am a Purex Insider. I do receive samples from the Purex brand, but no other compensation was received & my opinions are my own. 

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I recently started a regular after-school nannying job for a family from church.  It's awesome because I can have Mac with me and he plays and naps well at their house.  The extra income is going to be a huge blessing especially as we come into the holidays!  

As a start-up bonus, David let me have some of the money to get some new things for myself. Since becoming a mom I'm finding that my clothes just don't fit me like they used to and my winter wardrobe looked pretty dismal.  I haven't used all the money yet, but I did get myself some nice tops at Goodwill and then splurged on some Columbus-Day-Sale riding boots at Kohls.  Once I bought what I wanted, I went through my old clothes to take them to Goodwill.  I had several too-small sweaters in there and immediately started thinking about how I could re-use them since I was going to get rid of them anyway.

I have only just begun my projects, but here's what I've done so far.  First, I'm going to cover some of our yucky throw pillows with soft sweater fabric like this one:

I'm reusing the sweater arms to make leggings to wear with my new boots.  I also took a pair of flare jeans I had and trimmed the legs to make them skinny jeans to wear with the boots.

Here's my second sweater/pillow/leggings project I'll be making:  Yes, it's a Gap sweater (the gray one was H&M) but I was going to get rid of them anyway!  I don't have room in my house for clothes that don't fit!

I've also started crocheting my second Munchkin hat for Mac.  This year I wanted to do one with red and white stripes to look more Christmasy (and kind of elvish) but so far it's looking kind of Cat in the Hat so I don't know what I'm going to do.  Here's a pic of the little Supermodel himself.  Teaching him to drink with a straw was one of the best parenting successes I've had yet so he doesn't have to try to tilt a bottle up at the correct angle. He still needs to be monitored since he loves to pull the straws out and squirt juice everywhere. I need to get him some of the little juice box holders so squirting isn't an issue.

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