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Here I am!  Having time to update the SAME EVENING that I actually have a shred of energy left!  Wow!  It seems like whenever I have time to sit down and do something (which actually happens almost every day), all I want to do is sleep with that time.  I make it a point to do my chores while the boys are awake so that I can rest guilt-free while they rest.  In fact, today I was washing the dishes with Mac (love my double sink, he washes dishes with me almost every day because I can put him at the second sink with whatever plastic dishes I just washed and he can pour and splash to his heart's content) and Seth on my back because he didn't want to miss out on any of the fun.  It was the first time I'd tied Seth on my back though, so he didn't last the whole time because he got tired of it.

So am I the only person who can't find a single thing to pin on Pinterest during spring and summer, but then when fall hits, all of a sudden my Pinterest boards light up!  And nothing will make a full girl feel hungry quicker than Pinterest.  I have a few projects on my radar that I have pinned as I look ahead to the holidays, but it just isn't the same this year.  Most years when fall hits, I get into project mode and start canning apple butter and crocheting baby hats and stuff.  This year, I look at Pinterest and think "oh that's cute, it would be nice if someone made it for my kids."  I have like no motivation to do any projects.  I'm sure it has nothing to do with having a 22 month and 4 month old.  *See above sentence about resting while they rest.  I have done one project though, I had to come up with a stocking for Seth because I don't have any fabric left of the skirt I made the rest of us stockings from two years ago.  I'm pretty happy with the top I found at Goodwill to make Seth's stocking out of - it was half price that week and I think this stocking will go really well with the three I already had.

Other than that, I've been busy keeping the children alive, shopping, winning Swagbucks (I made goal each day in October, yay), and scrubbing liquid foundation out of the futon in Mac's room.  He got into my makeup one day and I didn't realize it until he had foundation and mascara all over himself, the futon, the carpet, and a little on the chair.  I mean handprints of foundation on the futon.  It was such a large area that got affected and I don't really like scrubbing things.  So far I've tried plain water, makeup remover, Tide, and club soda on it and I also tried using my dirt devil spot shot thingy on it but I got it at a garage sale and it doesn't have the user manual and I'm not really sure how it works so I need to look up the manual online.

Seth is pretty laid back but I'm trying to make the most of his babyhood before he grows up too fast.  I can't believe he's 4 months already. :(  He plays in the Jumparoo now (which we didn't even get until Mac was like 9 months old)  and has gotten the hang of jumping now.  He still eats every 2 hours (sigh) and is awake once or twice in the night.  But since he's only in the 15th percentile for his weight, I have a hard time making him wait longer to eat even though he is so old to be eating so often.  He really loves Mac, despite all that Mac puts him through, and loves Mac's attention.

David has some changes at his job that has him commuting 15 minutes further each day than he was before.  This was pretty discouraging to us because he already commutes so far.  We're super thankful for consistent work, though.  Praise God he's worked there for a whole year already!

Mac's picking up more and more words.  He's at the stage now where he says "uh oh" about everything that isn't right, even if he did it on purpose.  Sometimes he deliberately tries to do something and then when he accomplishes it, he says "uh oh." haha!  His most recent word is "snack", sometimes it sounds like "rock" and sometimes like "shack" which is funny because those two don't sound like each other.  He likes to throw rocks outside and then clap for himself and say "yay" when he does.
ok I'm gonna scoot because hubby's home now.  There's a peek into what's been going on.  by the way, is it just me or does it seem like everyone has started spelling "peek" like "peak"?  so annoying!

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