End of Summer

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I do feel a little guilty that I've only been posting my weekly grocery trips on here. I know it's a lot more fun to do than to read about.

David started school Monday and Hilary is leaving tomorrow (*sniff*) so it really feels like the summer's over for us. Besides, it's all cool(ish) and gloomy out so it makes me feel like breaking out the pumpkin spice scents and making apple butter. No, seriously. :) But the moment I do, I'll miss summer's fresh fruit smoothies, light clothes, the beach, tan skin...

As far as what we've been doing lately, I've been working full time all summer so I'm afraid I've made it a bit boring for the other two because I come home tired in the evening and just want to relax... and just want to relax on most of the weekends, too. David's internship wrapped up earlier this month and then he set to work getting ready for his last year of law school and doing more perusing job opportunities. He also helped with the village food pantry a lot. We've enjoyed hanging out with the College & Career group from church over the summer, eating and playing games - lots of good times! Actually, church still remains the highlight of our week.

For me, it's been really nice to have my sister here. It's been good to be able to reconnect and just spend time together since the most time we've spent together in the past 6 years was the 9 months of my engagement, and then I was working the third shift and planning my wedding, and she was a full time student and working.
Furthermore, since she has been here, I've had a friend who is more like me. Most of my friends in VA weren't homeschooled, haven't had an upbringing like mine, and don't have as much in common with me. I have definitely enjoyed having a friend here who understands me and has my sense of humor (kind of) and I can have a conversation with while being on the same page. I have just appreciated that so much as it is something I was really missing.

I'm definitely grateful that God has been meeting all of our needs and taking care of us and I've really enjoyed all the blessings He has given us over the summer.


  1. Samantha Says:

    Hey Lady,

    Totally empathize with you on the whole sister thing - Danielle just moved out here a week ago and I sooooo love having her here. No matter how well someone else knows you, no one knows you like your sister!

    Wow, I love all the deals you're posting! You're pretty awesome Heather! Glad to hear you're doing so well!

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