Grocery Deals 12/8

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I know everybody must think that David and I eat an awful lot of boxed brownie and muffin mix, based on these pictures. The truth of the matter is that we have a very full shelf stuffed with boxes of brownie and muffin mix! I need to get around to donating them. In the meantime, they are good filler items in transactions I want to do at the store because they are free.

We spent $10.08 on the items above. We saved 68% on the total after coupons. We went to Walmart yesterday and picked up several groceries I needed for specific dishes for various Christmas events and the homemade pizza I made last night, and spent about $12, putting me $2 over budget this week. That rounds out the groceries for the week.


  1. Dana @ The Coupon Challenge Says:

    Exactly, the free items make great fillers for the promos. In my case I needed to make cookies for my daughters Christmas party & icing for my oldest christmas party. Thankfully I love coupons :)

  1. Caleb and Kirsten Says:

    Donate the brownie mix to us--we're down to our last box, and we make them all the time! ;-) ~Kirsten

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