A Year Ends Review

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A few things to catch up on...

Neptune Festival

Regent University v. TCC

A bunch of Regent Law students got together to play the community college soccer team. We weren't in the best of shape, but it is amazing how the older more experienced in life players no matter how untrained, out-of-shape, and pick-up-like the team is the older team gets the best of the younger team.
I feel like this is the way it just is in life.

I was the keeper and it was a shutout.

Millennium Falcon


And Now...

It's Christmas Time...

Yes you did see him in the Woods

Triple "R" Ranch
They have a nice Christmas in the Country
With a live nativity and other festive things.
We went for the first time this year and would
Like to go back next year.

Merry Christmas!
Remember we can enjoy eternal life because
God loves us and gave Himself for us.


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