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You may wonder why I post deals when they're almost over. A lot of blogs already post these deals; I usually post them after I am able to do the deal myself so you can see how it worked. I like to look at pictures of other people's shopping trips because sometimes I see something in the picture that I overlooked on the matchups (or they found a special deal in store that hadn't been in the sale paper). Then when I go to do those deals, I know what to expect. Also, there have been many times when I see a deal on a blog and then go to the store and what I see in store is NOT what the blog said, and then I'm trying to figure out and remember what the blog had said - and sometimes, they make mistakes with the coupon matchups.

All that to say, there are some money makers at Office Depot this week and David finally was able to do the deal yesterday. :) Note that there is a NEW $10/$25 Office Depot coupon available, good through the 24th. The deals David did, however, are only good through tomorrow.

Here are the deals, thanks to Faithful Provisions:

Mr. Sketch Markers, 12 pk
FREE after $7.99 Mail in Savings Visa Prepaid card (limit 1)

Swingline® LightTouch Reduced Effort Stapler
FREE after $2.00 instant savings and $13.99 MIR (limit 1)

Office Depot® Brand Multipurpose Paper Ream
Pay $1.00 after $5.29 Mail in Savings Visa Prepaid card (limit 2)

Office Depot® Brand Color-Coded Heavyweight Sheet Protectors, 25-Pk
Pay $1.00 after $6.59 Mail in Savings Visa Prepaid card (limit 3)

Wilson Jones® 1? Round-Ring Impact Binders
Pay $1.00 after $2.99 instant savings (limit 3)

Pentel® Quicker Clicker™ Mechanical Pencils, 2 pk
Pay $1.00 after $6.49 Mail in Savings Visa Prepaid card (limit 3)

David got two reams of paper and a package of the Mr. Sketch markers. Everything else on this list was out at our stores, so David hit the clearance racks to get up to the $25 so he could use the coupon. He found packs of mechanical pencils on clearance for $2.22 but they rang up for only $1!!

This is how his deal looked:

2 Reams of paper @ $5.29 each

+ 1 Mr. Sketch Markers @ $7.99 each

+ 5 packs of clearance pencils @ $1 each

- Used $10/$25 coupon


Paid $16.17

Getting back $18.57 in Savings Visa Prepaid Card

Makes it a $2.40 moneymaker


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