Free Neutrogena Clinical

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Neutrogena is running a rebate this week where you can try their $35 Clinical Night, SPF or Eye for free after rebate. I got mine yesterday, and the stuff feels so good on my skin! You can get the rebate HERE.

There used to be a $5 coupon which makes it a money maker, but the coupon is no longer available on their website. However, if you go to Rite Aid to get it, be sure to take a $5 off of $25 coupon with you. You'll also get $2 UP+ rewards if you use your Rite Aid card. Furthermore, you can submit it for Single Check Rebate #15 to get a free $10 Rite Aid gift card back. However, David was unable to find this product in our Rite Aid store here. You may have better luck - and end up with a $17 moneymaker!


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