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I had a great time today shopping with my sister. Here are a couple of the deals I got:

At Target, I got Scrubbing Bubbles with the $5/1 coupon from the RedPlum and the $3/1 store coupon from the Target website. The Scrubbing Bubbles was only $7, so I knew I had to get something else to eat up the overage.

I got the Dove hairspray free with a $1/1 Dove coupon and got the Tresemme hairspray to eat up the Scrubbing Bubbles overage.

Target: Scrubbing Bubbles + 2 hairsprays = $.30

I went back to Harris Teeter Super Doubles and got these two yogurts free. Well, the lady was going to give me $1 back, but her manager told her not to, so I got them free.

Harris Teeter: 2 yogurts = FREE

I also spent $5 on produce at Fresh World, got a gallon of milk at Farm Fresh, and a loaf of bread at Walmart as well as hit up Old Navy's 30% off sale and got a pair of jeans for $8.80.


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