Busy Week...

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This week will be busy for us, but we're excited about what's going on.

(except for the busyness of Heather's work, which we are not excited about! )

Our church is involved in a community revitalization program called Serve the City this week. What it means is that our church will be teaming up with other churches in Chesapeake, the civic league and police department, and will be going out into the community to do repair, yard work, painting, cleaning, etc. in the homes of residents who need help. This program has even gained national attention, winning a national award from Neighborhoods, USA. We're really excited about being part of a church that gets out in the community, rolls up their sleeves and gets dirty showing the love of Christ in their neighborhoods. David will be involved Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Since I have to work all week, I'll only be helping on Saturday with preparing food for the community-wide picnic celebration.

Our other plans for this week include a big surprise and a big birthday, which have nothing to do with each other. Stay tuned for the big surprise later this week! :)


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