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Today's post is going to be a little bit more random than most. We're going to get to the deals soon, but first I wanted to show off the delicious crab quiche that David made for dinner last night:

Doesn't it look good? Well, it is.
I have to take a little bit of the credit for making the crust, but I'm sure he woulda done it if I hadn't beat him to it ;)


I used some leftover crust dough and the good parts left of some going-rotten cherries to make a few mini cherry pies for dessert, and just had to add a little flair:
Now I know most of you don't prefer the word "mini" to precede the word "cherry pie", but I like to make these little guys sometimes for portion control and cute things just seem to taste better.


Now on to the deals David did today. We're liking Rite Aid's new +UP program, which is almost exactly like CVS' Extra Care Bucks. The best part is that so far there is no limit to the deals, so it goes like this:
1. Spend $3.50 on 2 body washes (after B1G1 coupon).
2. Get $4 +UP rewards back.
3. Use it to pay for another 2 body washes & some Raamen noodles (or candy bars) as fillers.
4. Repeat.

We also used some of the +UP rewards to buy some cards we needed.


The next picture is my favorite deal ever. You see, we haven't paid for anything in this picture below:

This is just a picture of our current free sample stash. Most of these products we got in the mail simply by requesting them. As you can see, it really adds up. If you think requesting freebies is a waste of time, just consider how many weeks/months David and I could go just on using up the body wash from our freebie stash. Talk about savings! Oh - and if you ever want to come visit, we're more than happy to share from any of our stashes. :)


Lastly, I just wanted to make a confession. You have to promise you won't a) laugh at me or b) tell anyone. I suppose it could be a little embarrassing.

You see,
I've found out that if I just visit the recycle drop-off once a week, I'll never have to pay for a Sunday paper again. I don't think rooting through huge dirty recycle bins with tons of empty beer bottles is David's favorite marriage-building activity, but in just a minute or two of looking around (and not digging too deep) we're able to find a few coupon inserts that will later on score us lots of good deals. To me, it's worth the little bit of time and the few drops of hand sanitizer. :)

That's it for me today. You may have noticed that today's post didn't have any pictures of us, but I'm sure that in any picture taken of me this week, I would probably have looked a little frazzled if not downright glaring. It's been one of those weeks at work, but hopefully I'm prepared enough for open enrollment. That's when all 500 of our employees choose what benefits they want for the following year, and I'm in charge of organizing all of the people and paperwork. We'll find out how I survive it next week! Stay tuned!


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