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My two handsome guys:

My hero hubby put Mac to sleep twice that day.  Love him and am grateful that I get to have him around so much!  We also have a new, never before seen arrangement of our living room now.  David is so creative that way - I'm always amazed at the arrangements he comes up with and how well they work.  I might look at the furniture and the shape of the room and come up with maybe 2 possibilities to arrange it but I think this is the third this year and I really like it.

Mac is so grown these days.  He plays with his feet now and has started on rice cereal once a day, which helps him sleep longer in the mornings.

Out to dinner on Mother's Day
These past five months of being a mommy have been so much fun.  We just enjoy Mac so much, even when he's ornery and doesn't want to take naps :)

On Mother's Day we also really appreciated Pastor Dan's sensitive and appropriate sermon on Hagar and Abraham - the God who sees and foresees.  Loved hearing about some of the nuances in the Hebrew words that we didn't know before and really showed God's special thought and care for Hagar.  I love the story of Hagar so much and wrote a paper on it in college... didn't get 100 and I'm still not sure why ;)

I put a lot more pictures on Facebook, including the lemon that Mac wanted to chew on... sooo funny.


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