A Year of Trifles

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Last year at St. Patrick's Day, I decided that I was going to make a themed trifle for every major holiday for a whole year.  I just wrapped up the year yesterday with my Valentine's Day trifle.   I wanted to put all my trifle pictures in one place - so, here they are!  I tried to list the layers to the best of my memory.

St. Patrick's Day
Brownies, mint pudding & chocolate sauce - yum!

I think this was just yellow cake and vanilla pudding with lots of fresh fruit.  I remember that it tasted like it would be really boring without the fruit.

 Mother's Day
This was definitely my favorite!  I named this one "There's No Such Thing as Too Much Chocolate" - so you get the point

Memorial Day
Since there multiple red, white & blue holidays, I tried to get creative with this one and make the cake layer the blue layer- I made blueberry cake with blue food coloring.  It ended up looking green and my vanilla pudding ("white") looked yellow.  Oh well.

Father's Day
butterscotch, caramel  & pecan flavors in this one

4th of July
I learned my lesson and kept the cake white this time and added layers of fresh blueberries and cooked strawberries down into a syrup

 Labor Day

I called this one "Because We Just Want to Party" and it had chocolate and peanut butter layers.  Yum! 

For Thanksgiving, I made a spice cake and mixed pumpkin and spices into the pudding layer.  It ended up being waaaay too rich and just too much spice - I should have switched up my layers a little

I brought back my Eggnog Gingerbread Trifle again this year  for Christmas because it was such a hit last year.  I added some craisins on top for a little added flavor and texture

New Year's
This is my Funfetti trifle for New Years - funfetti cake, vanilla pudding with a little bit of canned peaches and pineapple mixed in, and fresh blueberries

Valentine's Day
Last but not least, red velvet cake, cheesecake pudding & fresh strawberries gave this trifle a place near the top

We definitely had some good trifles this year and some that didn't quite hit the mark.  There are tons more flavor ideas out there, so I'll be making more trifle in the future.  It was fun to get creative for each holiday, and I do love a good trifle, but I am ready to move on.  For instance, yesterday I was craving sugar cookies with pink icing but couldn't justify making them when I had to make trifle for dessert anyway. :)


  1. Danielle Says:

    I am SO impressed!!!!!! Yum....and fun!!

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I'm so impresed, and wish I could have tasted each one! :)

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