Valentine's Baking

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What, you seriously didn't think I was the only domestic person with a blog to not cook something heart-shaped today, did you? ha! I made David some peanut butter cookies since I'm too poor this year to get his usual gift... that and I never really got around to looking for sales/deals on it.

I used the peanut butter cookie recipe from Laurie at Cookin Up North. The Crisco gives it a nice crispy edge but they aren't hard.

I just rolled the dough into a U and pressed into shape with the usual fork dipped in sugar and then pinched the tip with my fingers.

Then I added chocolate chips on top of some for me. David couldn't eat all those cookies by himself, anyway! I've only tested one slightly burnt one but am looking forward to attacking the pile tonight after dinner of Thai Chicken Bites & rice.


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