mini peach cobblers

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This post is about a dish I made but no recipe. And no picture. So you may wonder why would I even post about it??

but.... it was soo easy & yummy! I mean super easy. In a couple minutes I whipped up what is usually a special dessert treat, just for the two of us. It's something I could make on any weeknight.

So here are my guidelines for quick Mini Peach Cobblers. Maybe you could take the idea and make something respectable out of it.

I took 1 can of peaches and cut the peaches up in little squares.

Then I dumped a couple spoonfulls of cut up peaches into muffin tins. 1 can of peaches made 6 muffin tins for me, but they were a little small. We each ate more than one. I won't say how many.

Ok this is where this becomes a non-recipe altogether:
Then, I poured some oats, brown sugar, melted butter and flour into a bowl and mixed them into a little streusel. I don't know how much I used. I used proportions that looked like normal streusel proportions to me. If that doesn't help you, just look up a streusel recipe & scale down. ;)

I dumped my little mix over the peaches and sprinkled cinnamon on top. Then I baked it. I think it was at 375 and it might have taken 15-20 minutes until I felt it was done and the streusel looked as baked as seemed right.

They were so yummy for an evening snack with milk, and see how easy they were?! I dare you to go try it and if you do, please leave comments letting me know if you made any additions or changes because I'd probably like to try them too!


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