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Just poppin' in to say hi! I think about writing here almost every day. In the end though, I always end up saving you the yawn-inducing post I would write, since our days are anything but exciting right now.

David is literally spending all day studying. When I get home from work, I end up snuggling up next to him while he keeps watching his bar-prep videos. I'm sure his eyes, back, and mind are all ready for this to be over and to take a break!

For me, I'm also gearing up for a big event - my best friend is getting married next week! The baby and I are super thrilled about flying to Denver next Wednesday, but in the meantime I've got a looming deadline to finish her wedding gift. I've been making that the priority for my weekend time (since David's too occupied to be clamoring for attention) and maybe one of these days I'll clean the house again. Don't worry, I do keep up on laundry & dishes!

I still haven't been very impressed lately with the grocey store deals. Meal planning has also been a bit slip-shod, but hopefully sometime this week we'll have tacos. Tune in next week for more thrilling bits of information ;) All that to say, give us two weeks and then hopefully we'll be on to less monotonous activities. I'm looking forward to enjoying the summer before it's over!


  1. Danielle Says:

    Baby Wood is exciting! Write about how you're feeling and post a belly pic!

  1. WoodElves Says:

    Yes, Baby Wood is exciting, but right now all s/he is doing is quietly growing along and not really affecting my days in a tangible way since I've been feeling better. I've never really been one for belly pics but maybe I'll put one up when I have something more to show for it.

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