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Last weekend, we went to the Norfolk Scope Arena for WinterJam, which is a huge event with lots of top Christian music artists. The best part is that it is only $10 at the door! You can click on the pictures to see them bigger.

Inside the Scope

It was so much fun! We enjoyed the energy and all the artists as well as the presentation of the gospel


Francesca Battistelli - she was so cute & I love her positive, energetic songs

the David Crowder band

David Crowder - we didn't go into the concert being fans of theirs, but ended up getting their Church Music cd & I really enjoy it not only for the style but the portrayal of God. It's both a humble view in reverence at a holy God but also a thankful view in happiness at a life-giving God.

Kutless was another treat because they're such a pillar in Christian music. We knew all their songs, because many of them are sung in our church and are so mainstream in Christian music

Chris August

The Newsboys! We've been fans for years and neither of us had seen them live before so it was sooo exciting for us

We were happy & surprised to learn that Michael Tait from dc Talk is now with the Newsboys!! We got a little old school dc Talk as well as old school Newsboys!

Jody Davis

Jeff Frankenstein

Duncan Phillips with Michael Tait

Then they played up in the air :)

Here's a far away view to see them playing so high, even the drummer - what a show!

We'll definitely be going back to WinterJam next time it comes around, despite the crowds. It was one of the most fun and encouraging things we've done in awhile!


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