Grocery Deals 1/19/11

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Last week after I got the meat, I went to Walmart and got some potatoes, onions and oranges. It did take me a little over my grocery budget, but I got back on track this week and I'm really glad that I have all that meat "paid for" already.

I picked up a gallon of milk and stocked up on some cans of beans at Walmart this week, grabbed 2 bags of frozen broccoli with free product coupons I had, and made the following trip to Farm Fresh:

I paid $5.79 for the items above, which was a 62% savings after coupons. Once I discovered how much I like boil-in-bag rice, I went back for some more!

I am doing better with my meal planning and doing better at still staying within my budget. This week's meal plan included crock-pot chili, broccoli cheese soup, Greek pasta and hamburger stroganoff. We always have enough leftovers that I usually don't need to plan for more than 4 separate dinners each week.


  1. Dana @ The Coupon Challenge Says:

    Great job on menu planning. I fall off and on that wagon regularly :-) I like boil-in-a-bag rice too. So easy to prepare

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