Today's Farm Fresh & Harris Teeter Deals

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David went to HT this morning for me, which was a huge help. I had the list and coupons all ready for him. If he hadn't done that, we would have missed out on a lot of deals. Some people who went at 11 am said a lot of things were gone by then.

Total for this picture OOP (out of pocket, for those who are still learning coupon lingo ;)) was $22.40. Before coupons the totals added up to $81.81 making a savings of 73%. We're pretty sure some of the coupons didn't triple like they were supposed to but it's still good and within our budget. I will donate most of the coffee creamers to church for the fellowship time between services.

At Farm Fresh there was a Proctor & Gamble deal where you spend $20 in P&G products and get back a $5 catalina and get 5 free Redbox codes. I was able to do the deal so along with the products shown I also have 5 Redbox codes for free movie rentals.

One cool thing from today was that we were planning on getting the corn chips tonight at FF because they were on sale. Then this afternoon a coupon became available for Mission products. I printed it, not thinking of chips but of using it for tortillas. When we were at the store, David reminded me "Don't you have a coupon for these?" I looked at the coupon and sure enough it said ANY MISSION PRODUCT - including the chips we decided this morning to get. God gave us the coupon this afternoon so we could get them for free!


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